As your next State Senator, Spiros will:

  • Fight to protect your health care.

We can’t trust this White House with our health care, and that’s why it’s so important we send people to Dover who will fight to keep prescription drug costs down, make care more affordable, and make sure insurers in Delaware are covering pre-existing conditions. Spiros believes that accessible, affordable health care spanning our entire life is something we all deserve, and it’s what he’ll demand as your Senator.


  • Stand up for economic fairness.

The state’s economy needs to work for everyone. That means attracting and retaining jobs that pay wages that really grow over time and cover the costs of living, having everyone pay their fair share in taxes, ensuring equal pay for equal work, and increasing the minimum wage.


  • Preserve the environment.

We are experiencing climate change and the science proves it. Spiros believes in the old saying: “Think Globally Act Locally.” For him, that means 1) having clean air and clean water in Delaware is everyone’s right; 2) increasing the use of alternative energy sources like wind and solar; 3) recycling and looking for ways to create more markets for recycled material; and, 4) protecting Delaware’s open space and wetlands for hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation.


  • Focus on our schools.

The state’s education system must work for all Delaware students and their families. Schools need to be safe, have excellent teachers, plus provide the proper academic and behavioral health resources to support students. And because Spiros understands that not every high school graduate will go on to pursue a four year college degree, he will work to make sure that the state’s vo-tech system and Union apprenticeship programs remain strong so all graduates have an opportunity to get the education, skills and training they need to give them a career path to the middle class.


  • Be a full-time legislator.

Spiros believes that public service is only about serving the public. As a full-time State Senator, his only job will be to serve and be responsive to his constituents and the District’s needs.