With your support, I’ve worked with community leaders and elected officials to improve the working lives of families across our state.

Business and economic development

Worked to cut unemployment taxes and keep small businesses alive during the pandemic, while making sure our neighbors were able to earn a living wage.

Health & Social Services

Helped to make Delaware the 12th state with Paid Family and Medical Leave, cut prescription drug prices, expanded women’s reproductive health services, and held pharmaceutical companies accountable for their role in the opioid crisis.


Helped more students earn a debt-free education from UD, DSU, DelTech or a nearby trade school, directed the most help to the K-12 students in need of the most support, and expanded mental health services to more Delaware schools.

Public Safety

Passed legislation to keep violent criminals from getting back on the streets, while making sure poverty is not being criminalized and supported the largest common sense gun safety package in a generation to reduce gun crime in our communities and address the wave of mass shootings taking place across the country.

Energy & Environment

Supported legislation to reduce Delaware’s reliance on fossil fuels and increase our use of renewable energy, directed more funding to our state’s beautiful park system, reduced the amount of plastic waste in greenspaces and waterways, and protected our farmlands and open spaces.

Veterans and Seniors

Exempted military pensions from the state income tax and allowed school districts to exempt disabled veterans from school taxes, protected seniors from age discrimination in the workplace, required medical professionals to get more training in memory care, and I formed the Aging-in-Place Working Group to study the issues faced by Delaware’s growing population of seniors.